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Democrats in Blue Jeans

Democrats in Blue Jeans, helping to rebuild New Orleans one house at a time.   

Founded at the Lawn Chair Rendezvous on Canal Street, a group of activists from Baton Rouge led by Vicki Lancaster organized volunteers to assist individuals in the Mid City neighborhood to return to their homes more quickly.  Whether gutting an entire home or repairing a fence, the work of rebuilding a city is easier with some fresh help from outside.  These weekend warriors came to New Orleans every weekend during that most difficult, first year, and they included fellow democrats from near and far:

"Several hundred members of the Democratic National Committee changed out of their suits and ties and into their Saturday work clothes and headed out to a variety of cleanup and rebuilding sites...courtesy of a group called Democrats in Blue Jeans, the brainchild of Deborah Langhoff, a local party activist who decided to use the Democratic Party's network throughout the state to organize assistance for hurricane victims..."                         - -Elaime Kamarck, Newsday