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DNC Convention, Charlotte 2012

DNC Committeewoman Deborah Langhoff, LDP Chair Karen Carter Peterson and other Louisiana delegates were interviewed by Bruce Alpert, Washington Bureau, The Times Picayune

"WASHINGTON -- Louisiana delegates said they were energized by President Bill Clinton's point-by-point rebuttal Wednesday night of Republican accusations against President Barack Obama. "He's our elder statesman now and he really filled that role magnificently last night," Delegate Deborah Langhoff of New Orleans said Thursday morning. "He distilled a lot of the Republican attacks and responded with some very simple, easy to understand, corrections."


Langhoff said one standout moment for her was when Clinton chastised congressional Republicans for refusing to work with the Democratic president to solve America's problems.

She saw it as "calling out our Republican congressional delegation -- not by name -- but certainly by their actions by pointing out that working for failure of an American president is just not patriotic or American."

Sean Bruno, another New Orleans delegate who operates a CPA firm, said Clinton made the case, perhaps better than anyone else, about the magnitude of the economic problems Obama has faced from the first day of his presidency, by saying that none of Obama's predecessors, Democrat or Republican, could have fixed them in just four years.

"He made the case how far we've come, but that we still have a long way to go and that President Obama can get the job done," Bruno said.

Gail Ledet, a Democratic delegate from Slidell, said Clinton's speech was "everything I had hoped it would be." Ledet said she believes Clinton made the case for middle class voters in Louisiana that they will be voting against their own interests if they vote for Republican Mitt Romney in November.

Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson said Clinton was the perfect "fact checker" for last week's Republican National Convention "reality show." Her favorite lines? "There were so many," she said.

Carter Peterson, a state senator from New Orleans, singled out Clinton's one word description of how he balanced the budget as president, "arithmetic" with a warning that Republicans can't reduce the deficit, provide big tax cuts and dramatically increase defense spending, without either rolling up more debt, or making "enormous cuts in the rest of the budget, especially programs that help the middle class and poor kids..."