LaRoots - a Louisiana Grassroots Political Network

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Katrina Recovery

LaRoots began as a small volunteer project to elect a Democratic President in 2004.  When the John Kerry campaign pulled resources out of Louisiana, volunteers pulled together with state leaders to establish a modest presence for the campaign in Louisiana.  Among those initiatives was a project by Alan Langhoff to establish a website called KerryRoots which served as a point of contact for democrats and independents statewide to the Presidential campaign.  Volunteer precinct captains from every corner of the state were identified, given walk lists, literature and instructions from the campaign for the GOTV effort, electronically. 

After the election, a list of emails that had been gathered was donated to the Louisiana Democratic Party and was an early component in establishing the LDP's internet communications.  At the urging of its readers, KerryRoots continued as the new website and e-bulletin known since as LaRoots.  

In its first post-election initiative, LaRoots participated in organizing and publicizing the massive Jazz Funeral for Democracy, conceived by Northshore activists Buddy and Annie Spell, that was held on the streets of New Orleans Inauguration Day 2005. 

In the sudden and immediate aftermath of the hurricane disaster of 2005, the need for communications among Louisianans, now spread across the country, cannot be underestimated, and LaRoots began serving a non-partisan purpose that was aimed at restoring south Louisiana.

Since August of 2005, the entire LaRoots project has been intertwined in hurricane recovery, though clearly with partisan, democratic roots again. It remains a volunteer project led by Alan, Deborah and Megan Langhoff and a group of friends across the state who contribute to its pages - the LaRoots team.  Its history is chronicled on the pages of our eight years of e-bulletins, with some highlights shown on the Initiatives pages of this website.