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Langhoff Campaign LA-94

2008-2012 A follow-up to the Campaigns of 2007

As a result of the enthusiastic support that Langhoff received in her 2007 campaigns, sitting City Council President Arnie Fielkow invited Deborah to join his City Hall staff as his Director of Community Development.  In this  position she worked to identify and direct FEMA funds for the restoration of destroyed recreation facilities.  She was the senior staff member for Arnie's priorities to reform the antiquated recreation department and to create a new public/private partnership for economic development. She served as a liaison with other parishes and with the state government, while also assisting neighborhood leaders citywide to rebuild homes, playgrounds, and public buildings.  

Her work in the Council President's office from 2008-2010 was followed in the next term by over two years as Chief of Staff for the new District A Councilmember Susan Guidry, whose campaign volunteers included the entire LaRoots team.

Deborah Langhoff Campaigns for the Louisiana Legislature in 2007 

Directly related to the civic activism that spurred the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures, the Langhoff candidacy to be District 94's representative in the Legislature developed as a logical step, to offer a fresh neighborhood voice to the Orleans delegation, to add hers to other reasoned voices driving discussions on equal opportunity health care, economic opportunity, swift environmental action, and integrity in government.  

With the support of family and friends, Langhoff became the first Democrat in over 20 years to qualify as a candidate for the District 94 seat, which was held for 40 years by Republican Peppi Bruneau, who orchestrated a special election prior to the end of his final term in office. She was honored by being nationally-recognized as a candidate endorsed by DFA, in a people-powered campaign of over 100 individual contributors and a nearly equal number of volunteers.  The Democrats of District 94 were given an able spokesperson for their priorities throughout the elections of 2007, and after, because this grassroots campaign staked a claim in the "Republican stronghold" of western Orleans Parish. A number of political offices with some shared precincts received the benefits of the new ground-breaking, particularly in the city council and school board districts.

Alan Langhoff served as Campaign Manager and Field Director for the Langhoff campaigns, and Megan Langhoff was Communications Director, responsible for press releases, campaign literature, website articles, and position papers for the Langhoff campaigns.  

Deborah Langhoff's record as a volunteer for her neighborhoods:

At the City Council

  • Langhoff successfully defended the Lot Next Door policy at City Council meetings for Lakeview's residents
  • Pioneered new construction policy that emphasized a community's need for large-scale trees
  • Personally distributed 5,100 seedlings for Urban Re-forestation

At City Planning 

  • Langhoff protected Lake Area parks with permanent (P) designation
  • Stopped commercial developments opposed by neighborhood residents
  • New Zoning ordinance centering decision-making in the neighborhood

At Office of Recovery Management

  • Langhoff instituted weekly updates on Harrison Avenue Target Zone
  • Honed neighborhood plans into targeted projects
  • Worked with other community leaders to unify the district

In our Neighborhoods after Katrina

  • Langhoff held the first Mid-City neighborhood gathering November 17, 2005
  • Surveyed Lake Vista to establish viability in 2006 required for the BNOB rebuilding planning
  • Revitalized Block Captains program in Mid-City in 2007
  • Supported the restoration of golf at the north end of City Park

At the LRA

  • Langhoff championed local control of Road Home properties
  • Lobbied successfully for homeowners to be "at the table"
  • Increased citizen participation in the program through public speaking opportunities

At the Army Corps of Engineers, Langhoff brought Corps leaders and neighborhood activists to shared conversations.