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Eat, Drink, Organize!

Party Building continues... Eat, Drink, Organize! On Saturday November 5, 2011 recruitment for party seats for the 2012-2016 term continues among those who are already engaged in grassroots politics.  Sponsored by the Independent Women's Organization, a brunch was held  at English Turn Country Club for a panel discussion about the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee. IWO members heard from activists of the State Democratic Party. The event's panelists included Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter-Peterson, Tulane student Liz Brusseau, and James A Gray II, Chairman of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. The organizer and moderator of the discussion was Deborah Langhoff, Vice-Chair OPDEC and member of the Democratic State Central Committee. 

Felicia Kahn has been devoted to promoting democratic principles and women candidates in the state for decades, and was twice a candidate for the Louisiana legislature herself.  After Katrina, Felicia, with others, was instrumental in re-establishing the IWO, a political organization for interested women democrats.