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Party Elections 2008-2012

In District 94... A number of LaRoots-supported candidates were elected to the Democratic State Central Committee in 2008, including District 94 representatives Phil Costa and Deborah Langhoff, who overcame an incumbent state officeholder to win her seat with 72% of the vote.  

Orleans election results from February 9, 2008 showed LaRoots candidate Deborah Langhoff 1st among 14 successful candidates, with Megan Langhoff 4th, Alan Langhoff 8th, and eight other candidates from the LaRoots reform ticket among the 14 elected members from District A.  

In District B, four neighborhood leaders were elected for the first time.  Grassroots activism led to significant changes in the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Commiittee by moving neighborhood advocates from a post-Katrina environment into the political spectrum. For the 2008-2012 term, the first new Chair in 16 years, Chair James Gray, and new 1st Vice Chair Deborah Langhoff were unanimously elected to lead the committee, and by April 2008, Alan Langhoff created OPDEC's first website, making the DPEC's membership and its by-laws transparent to the public.