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Party Elections 2012-2016 Term

 Party Elections 2012-2016 Term   As a direct result of statewide grassroots work to recruit new members to be candidates for party leadership positions, a number of new faces were elected for the 2012-2016 term and emerged as leaders.  A diverse group of women, legislators, GLBT, and labor interests coalesced in a successful drive to elect the first woman to lead the Louisiana Democratic Party as chair, State Senator Karen Carter Peterson.


Locally, a number of notable new faces joined the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee including housing advocate James Perry who was elected 2nd Vice Chair.  Most of the LaRoots team won a second term, including Megan, Alan, and Deborah Langhoff, who was again the first place finisher among 29 candidates in District A, elected to return as 1st Vice Chair, with James Gray as Chair.  Deborah also returned to the Democratic State Central Committee, this time as an unopposed candidate, to serve a second term.  Upon the election of DNC Committeewoman Karen Carter Peterson as the first woman to lead the Louisiana Democratic Party, Deborah was elected to serve as the state's new DNC Committeewoman by 99 of 143 members present.