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Progressive Talk Radio

Media initiatives to bring progressive radio programming to Louisiana were first organized in Baton Rouge by Vicki Lancaster.  She began an online petition that garnered thousands of signatures.  Vicki appeared with others on the Media Panel of Beaucoup Blues in July, 2005.  A statistician by profession, she described seminars she had attended, provided research on Arbitron ratings, and distributed a free booklet describing tools useful to other progressive media activists.

Later that year, Air America progressive talk radio programming with Ed Schultz, Al Franken, Mike Malloy, Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes, among others, was introduced into three Louisiana regions:  

  • Greater New Orleans area WSMB-AM 1350
  • Baton WYNK-AM 1380
  • Acadiana KEUN-AM 1490

Following the elections in 2006, the Air America programming was abruptly discontinued in all three markets, but a number of local programs continue to address issues that are important to Democratic interests.  MSNBC programming on cable television, including New Orleans local, Melissa Harris Perry's weekend program, is the newer venue for reporting of issues important to progressives, the Democratic Party, and to our country.