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Party Leader Endorsements March 23, 2012

Dear LaRoots reader,

Tomorrow Saturday, March 24th, Louisiana Democrats will elect their local (DPEC) and statewide (DSCC) party leadership.  

 We believe that these party positions are crucial to the evolution of the Louisiana Democratic Party, and we look forward to the new energy, voices, ideas, and contributions that 2012's candidates bring to the table.

 LaRoots asks you to give special consideration to these candidates in the voting booth, where you are legally allowed to bring in this ballot.    LaRoots is not listing the elected public officials with high name recognition who are in contested races for party leadership positions.
 Orleans DPEC (OPDEC) - District "A"
       (alphabetical order)
 H. Jamon Barrow
 Elizabeth Brusseau
 Michael DePetrillo
 Desiree Cook Calvin
 Marshall Hevron
 Alan Langhoff
 Deborah Langhoff
 Megan Langhoff
 Clayton "Clay" Latimer
 T. K. Tieu
 Andrew Tuozzolo
 Evan Wolf
 Lynda Woolard

Candidates in other districts (alphabetically reversed):

District "B"

Mario Zervigon
Jeffrey J. Thomas
Eric Strachan
Dana Peterson
Edward McGinnis, III
Felicia Kahn
Margaret "Maggie" Carroll
Jay H. Banks

District "C"

Daniel "Liberal Dan" Zimmerman
Lisa Ray Diggs

District "D"

Angele Wilson
Nikolaus "Nik" Richard
James Perry
Charlene Larche-Mason
Jason Hughes
David Flemings, Jr.

District "E"

Linda Santi
Sabrina Mays-Montana
Andre` Kelly
Barbara R. Keller
Thomas Jasper
Yolanda Gullette Evans
James A. Gray
Brian P. Egana
Lena Craig-Stewart
Westley Bayas, III


DSCC 91-A Margaret "Maggie" Carroll
DSCC 93-B James Perry
DSCC 98-A Carolyn Kolb
DSCC 99-A Linda Santi
DSCC 102-B Joseph Broussard Jr.
DSCC 100-A Jerrelda Drummer-Sanders
DSCC 100-B Sean Bruno
DSCC 2-A Frances Kelley
DSCC 26-B Gerber Porter
DSCC 45-B Stephen Handwerk
DSCC 61-A Melissa Flournoy
DSCC 61-B Donald Hodge
DSCC 67-A Patricia Smith
DSCC 81-B Kevin Hull
DSCC 82-B Donald Blum

DSCC Unopposed from Orleans: Karen Carter Peterson, Deborah Langhoff, Cynthia Hedge Morrell, Jay Banks, Barbara Keller. 


Thank you for your consideration!

The Alan Langhoff Family