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Karen Carter Peterson for LDP Chair April 26, 2012

Greetings again from LaRoots, Louisiana's Grassroots Political Network.


This weekend, as festival season kicks into high gear across the state, Louisiana's Democratic State Central Committee will hold its organizational meeting in Baton Rouge, determining our party's leadership for the next four years.  In this crucial time for Louisiana Democrats, we offer the following thoughts. 


Four years ago, Buddy Leach took on the difficult task of leading a struggling party.  He has led honorably, and we, along with Democrats across the state, appreciate his hard work.  


Every four years, the Democratic Party has the opportunity to remake itself, incorporating fresh perspectives and energy, and it is our obligation to make the most of this opportunity.  


LaRoots proudly endorses Karen Carter Peterson for Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  


Both as an elected official and a party official, Karen demonstrates a leadership style that is energetic, inclusive, and engaged.  We find her commitment to transparency and her team-building spirit particularly appealing.  


From a policy statement regarding DSCC operations, Karen writes:


"In an effort to break with the past and foster trust, cooperation and unity, we must develop policies and procedures to bring more transparency and accountability into the operations of the party.

"No one person should be the sole arbiter of who should be nominated to fill these very important positions.  I believe that the party will be strengthened by engaging regional leaders to make recommendations to fill these vacant seats.

"If elected, I am committed to a process for recruitment and approval.  The party has an opportunity to involve local advocates, elected officials, young people and new collaborators to work with the party - this has been a missed opportunity for far too long."


This is only one example of the innovative, savvy leadership that will benefit all Louisiana Democrats.  


Enjoy festival season, y'all, we have a lot to do in the next four years:  re-elect a President in 2012, defend our Democratic Senator in 2014, put a Democrat back in the Governor's chair in 2015, and (dare to dream) replace our embarrassing Junior Senator in 2016.




The Langhoff Family