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Presidential Election Day November 5, 2012

Dear LaRoots reader,


This is the third presidential election shared among LaRoots readers, and your Louisiana vote has never been more important.  How?  We think President Obama and Vice President Biden will win the electoral college without Louisiana's 9 electoral votes.  They can govern most effectively with a decisive win in the popular vote as well, where every voter in Louisiana can add to our victory, even if the Obama/Biden ticket doesn't reach over 50% in rural areas of our state. 


During the last four years President Obama facilitated federal funding streams from Washington to local governments in south Louisiana to recover from Katrina/Rita, to rebuild our coast.  ObamaCare is helping middle class Louisiana families today, his Presidential actions demonstrated strength and fairness, so now is the time for us to stand with him. 


If you are in line to vote before 8pm, you will be able to cast your vote.(Early voting lines in Orleans were up to 2 hours long, so do not be dissuaded.)  Do not get out of line on Election Day.  Get to the polls early - remember that the 2000 election was decided by just 537 votes. 

Other LaRoots ballot recommendations:

Constitutional Amendment #1 YES









PW School District Local Option - Term Limits - NO

PW Crescent City Bridge YES

PW CC (Home Rule Charter) at-Large Council YES

PW CC (NO Regional Business Park) YES

Orleans Levee District - 30 years  YES

Crime Prevention Districts YES


Congressional District #1 Representative - Dr. Vinny Mendoza

Congressional District #2 - Congressman Cedric Richmond

Congressional District #3 - Ron Richard

Congressional District #6 - Richard Torregano (Independent)


Public Service Commission District 2 - Forest Wright


Louisiana Supreme Court - Judge John Michael Guidry

1st Circuit Court of Appeal - Gideon Carter

1st Circuit Court of Appeal Section 1 Division B - Judge William Dupont

4th Circuit Court of Appeal District 1 Division H - Judge Charles R. Jones


Orleans Parish School Board:


District 3 - Sarah Newell Usdin - In this politically charged race, Sarah is the only education professional, with demonstrated advocacy for quality education for all children. 

District 1 - Ira Thomas

District 2 - Cynthia Cade

District 4 - Lourdes Moran - It has been reported that her opponent is on record in Baton Rouge as holding a bias against GLBTQ.

District 6 - Woody Koppel - His opponent is politically engaged and received the OPDEC endorsement, but this incumbent has a detailed understanding of the current challenges, possible solutions, as well as experience in the classroom.

District 7 - Thomas Robichaux - His opponent is a respected member of the education community, receiving the OPDEC endorsement, but the incumbent member and current  President of the Board is deeply committed to quality and fairness in education and is a former member of the Democratic State Central Committee. 


Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Section B - Judge Tracey Flemings Davillier

Judge 2nd City Court - Kiana Aaron Mitchell

Clerk 2nd City Court - Darren Lombard

Constable - Edwin Shorty Jr.


Problems at the polls tomorrow? Please call the Louisiana Democratic Party in Baton Rouge to report any irregularities to a team of trained attorneys who are standing by to assist. Call 225-336-4155 from 7am until after the close of the polls.

So much is at stake to move America forward - our coast is at stake, a woman's control over her own body is at stake.


Go to to volunteer tomorrow and to "view events" at a location near you for volunteer opportunities and victory parties across the state.

Thank you for your careful consideration,

Alan and Deborah Langhoff and LaRoots Team


New Orleans