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Inauguration January 17, 2013

Dear LaRoots reader,


It is thrilling to be on the brink of the second term of President Barack Obama, and to witness his leadership in the executive actions and legislative gun reforms that will help prevent tragedies like the recent Newtown murders and that will address the less publicized but equally deadly loss of the 900 American lives that were ended by gun violence in the month since the Newtown massacre. The concrete steps in President Obama's comprehensive proposal will make it easier to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  He committed to giving law enforcement, schools, mental health professionals, and the public health community the tools they need to help reduce gun violence and keep our children safe. Please read more about the President's plan 


On the day after the Inauguration, the U.S.Senate will vote on its rules, and a coalition of organizations is working to have the filibuster rules changed in a number of ways that will allow for the ample expression of minority opinion without blocking the work of the Senate. If the filibuster is made again to be an actual spoken debate before peers instead of a mere procedural threat, the electorate will be able to see and hear the substance and quality of the Congressional debate. To learn more please visit and then consider letting Senator

Landrieu know that you support S. Res. 4






The St. Tammany Parish Democratic Executive Committee is following its elegant and well-attended January 5th fundraiser in Slidell at the Salmen-Fritchie House with a substantive public forum on President Obama's Affordable Care Act on January 23rd in Abita Springs.  The goal is to develop a strategy to take full advantage of the new law, and confirmed panelists are shown on the attached flyer.  The event is free but space at the Town Hall is limited, so reservations are suggested.  Please feel free to forward the flyer to other interested parties.




Roots Camp registration for sponsors and participants is open. The 3rd Annual Roots Camp will be held in Baton Rouge on March 1st and 2nd at the IBEW hall. For an overview of the Agenda and additional details about this political organizing conference, visit


Bill Maher event Sunday January 27th 7pm - tickets purchased through the Louisiana Democratic Party will benefit the Party and offer preferred seating for the event/reception. FFI


In closing, please consider becoming a sustaining, card-carrying member of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  Your automatic monthly contribution can build a stronger local party as we look Forward!   


Deborah Langhoff

DNC Committeewoman for Louisiana


Alan Langhoff and the LaRoots team